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Van van life van conversion Washington builder outfitter


Van van life van conversion Washington builder outfitter

Jonathan, founder of Genesis Vans, built his first van conversion back in 2016 by applying his experience in off-grid living and solar applications (during his years of non-profit work over-seas). He hit the open road and after honing the art of van life, he began building van conversions out of a friend's small wood shop. Since then, the company has grown into a 4,000 sq/f space and evolved far beyond expectations! 


Genesis Vans strives to build great vansfocusing on quality, craftsmanship, and innovation that serves each of our clients needs. We stand behind our work and are confident you'll be as excited about your van conversion as we are!


We've done the research and been on the road to learn about the best materials and products for camper vans. We only build and install what we’d use in our own vans so that you can be confident you're getting the best stuff!


There is nothing like traveling in a camper van! The adventure and freedom on the open road to explore and pursue your hobbies. On top of that, camper vans are agile and compact so that you can park at those smaller trailheads and find scenic views where standard RV's struggle to reach.


Genesis Vans recognizes that a custom van is a huge investment and is usually a pivotal point in someone’s life. We take our work seriously and find joy in being part of that journey. Thank you for your consideration!

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